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Boy, I Love You is Here!

Boy, I Love You: A BL Comics Anthology
Boy, I Love You cover by Caelin Cacciatore

Boy, I Love You: A BL Comics Anthology is now available!

Boy, I Love You is a comics anthology celebrating the boys’ love genre, which I co-edited with Kou Chen and Emily Forster. It features my new story “Cannon Fodder,” a romance between a mecha pilot and his mechanic in an ’80s space opera anime-inspired setting.

Boy, I Love You will be shipping in June (preorder here!) and you can also get it digitally on

Small Press Expo 2015

Art by Kou Chen
Art by Kou Chen

I will be exhibiting at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland on September 19th & 20th with the Boy, I Love You crew! You’ll be able to find us at table N4.

BILU editors Kou Chen, Emily Forster, and I will be joined by contributors Aatmaja Pandya (creator of Travelogue) and S.M. Vidaurri (author of the upcoming graphic novel Iscariot and Iron: Or, the War After).

We will all be selling personal work (prints, minicomics, and graphic novels), and I will be selling giclée prints of my illustrations for Boy, I Love You and Terrestrial. An exclusive excerpt from my BILU story, “Cannon Fodder,” will also debut in our Boy, I Love You preview minicomic.

I’m delighted to be exhibiting at this show again, especially among such talented and charming peers. I hope to see you at SPX!

New Book: Boy, I Love You – a BL comics anthology

It’s my pleasure to announce that I’m co-editing and contributing to a new comics anthology: Boy, I Love You, and we’re currently fundraising for the book on Kickstarter!

Postcard for 'Boy, I Love You' by Eric Alexander Arroyo
Cover for “Cannon Fodder,” my story in Boy, I Love You

Boy, I Love You
is a comics anthology celebrating the boys’ love genre. Six stories from six creators will introduce you to radio hosts, models, mecha pilots, & vampires, and the challenges they’ll face at the intersection of life & love.

BILU will be a 196-page black & white, perfect-bound paperback book, and we need your help to commit all these smooches to print!

This book proudly features stories from Kou Chen, Aatmaja Pandya, Stephanie Bailey, Emily Forster, Marlena Konglau, & myself, with a cover designed and illustrated by Caelin Cacciatore.

We aim to depict genuine relationships with a dash of fantasy, highlighting everything we love about BL: melodrama, cute bods, and boys who are allowed to live and love outside a fixed idea of masculinity.

Our Kickstarter to crowdfund & preorder the book is now live, featuring exclusive minicomics, prints, and commissions! Please help us make this book a reality! For more information about the anthology, including previews from myself and our other contributors, please visit the BILU blog.

Note: BILU features more risque content than my usual work and aims to be appropriate for older teens.

The Scenery from On High

There’s a certain sensation that you feel in the pit of your stomach, where everything tightens up and the air in your lungs thins out. You feel it when you’re anxious, when you’re afraid of what’s beyond the shadows. But it’s also with you when you’re overwhelmed by your potential, when the world around you showers you in awe. Your fists clench and you become light-headed, wanting, needing to run forward at full force and prove to the world what you’re capable of.

Our lives are marked by fear and hope, by the struggle to harness our passion and the fight to stay above the darkness.

And I want to dig my heels into the dirt and shout. I want to shout until my echoes reach the mountains’ peaks and the depths of the seas.

Weekly Nuclear Fiction isn’t just a collection of comics and prose. It’s where my art will stand by my beliefs. It’s the storm building up in the pit of my stomach, and it’s my heart at its most sincere.

At its simplest, Weekly NF is dedicated to adolescents and children. It’s for sharing my passion with those just a few steps behind me.  This is a place for spectacle to shine a light on the troubles and joys of youth.  And while hope loses its power if there’s no darkness to contend with, this is a safe place from graphic and sexual violence.

This is a place where I’m not going to apologize for genre or the things I love and have been inspired by. But no matter how much I revel in them, they will not define me. They’re tools to show the wonder in the mundane and capture the passion brewing inside us all.

And, as it’s probably clear, this is a place to be genuine. The stories on this site come from a well of happiness, uncertainty, nostalgia, awe, fear, and hope.

This is your insight into the future. This is Nuclear Fiction.