New Book: Boy, I Love You – a BL comics anthology

It’s my pleasure to announce that I’m co-editing and contributing to a new comics anthology: Boy, I Love You, and we’re currently fundraising for the book on Kickstarter!

Postcard for 'Boy, I Love You' by Eric Alexander Arroyo
Cover for “Cannon Fodder,” my story in Boy, I Love You

Boy, I Love You
is a comics anthology celebrating the boys’ love genre. Six stories from six creators will introduce you to radio hosts, models, mecha pilots, & vampires, and the challenges they’ll face at the intersection of life & love.

BILU will be a 196-page black & white, perfect-bound paperback book, and we need your help to commit all these smooches to print!

This book proudly features stories from Kou Chen, Aatmaja Pandya, Stephanie Bailey, Emily Forster, Marlena Konglau, & myself, with a cover designed and illustrated by Caelin Cacciatore.

We aim to depict genuine relationships with a dash of fantasy, highlighting everything we love about BL: melodrama, cute bods, and boys who are allowed to live and love outside a fixed idea of masculinity.

Our Kickstarter to crowdfund & preorder the book is now live, featuring exclusive minicomics, prints, and commissions! Please help us make this book a reality! For more information about the anthology, including previews from myself and our other contributors, please visit the BILU blog.

Note: BILU features more risque content than my usual work and aims to be appropriate for older teens.

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